Saturday, 23 June 2012

birds of a feather

Making these little birds proved very entertaining, and as usual we all tackled the task in different ways.  We now have a group of little birds ranging from the demure to the flamboyant.

Alison made a neat little bird with a ruffled front and a bright beak.  She demonstrated expertise with wire work, making legs from the stiff garden wire available.

 Annie's little blue felt bird had neatly stitched wings and tail, embellished with french knots....those little blobby stitches for those of you who don't know about this favourite stitch of ours.

Work has now begun on a new bird using Anni's trademark aged jeans, building up from a calico bird.

I made a bird with felt, trying to mimic Kathleen's extremely neat handwork, and Anni's method of stitching embellishments before assembly.  This little lilac bird has quite a lot of character but rather imprecise edges.

Ann made an exquisitely embellished bird, using the alternative bird pattern Kathleen provided.  This bird is suspended rather than on legs, so is shown against one of Kathleen's tweedy cushions.

Katie stitched a flamboyant bird of paradise style bird.  The addition of a trailing tail, made with strips of fabric cut with pinking shears, transformed this little bird into a real eye-catcher.

Lindsay made a bird that with a quirky charm and some wild merino wool for a crest and tail.   The legs are a little wobbly so maybe some more frills to support these will appear soon.

This little purple and black bird was made from scraps of merino felt supplied by Sue Elliot,  who has a studio near that of my sister, Joy Parker.  She lets me have bags of brilliant scraps from her workshop, following on from an occasion when I asked if I could have the remnants I spotted in her wastebin.

This silky bird was also made from scraps of taffeta and felted material from the same source.  Many of the birds have some of these bright fabrics; we all provided materials for collective use.

Some of the birds were wired to small wooden blocks, left overs from a bookcase.  A few manage to stand up without this extra support.  Here are three pert little birds who can stand on their own two feet.

The birds on blocks- they look a bit as if they are taking a bow at the end of a show.  Note also the handsome owl on the top right, another Murgatroyd & Bean special, and the tiny faces peering around the cushion are brooches.

I enjoyed these little birds so much I made four of different varieties, ending with a large mad bird made using the giant leg template I had made as a model on day one.  Madbird has been offered a new home with Murgatroyd and Bean, so has a jolly future to look forward to once the summer house playscheme is complete.


  1. Should these get out, every twitcher in the kingdom will be so excited! They just exude fun don't they? They didn't cause so many giggles as the 'consequentials' we had to concentrate more....and it was colder and wetter.

  2. What a talented group. Lovely birds and so beautifully displayed with the cushions.