Saturday, 2 July 2011

Consequential Critters

Consequential Critters
A day under Kathleen' expert guidance produced a fine clutch of odd creatures.  She had brought some amorphous calico body/heads, which we randomly selected from a big blue Ikea bag.

critter blanks
We then each created a face, having an hour for this task.  The variety of approaches was, as usual with this group, quite amazing.

Kathleen's careful choices

and Katie - does it go?
Pretty, revolting, sly...human, rabbit, fish..head bigger than body, head smaller, treating the face as a two dimensional surface or going for the double profile.

phase 1 - faces

a rough day....

very sly with a touch of come hither

Back in the bag and a random selection - the only proviso being if you got your own you put it back. We then had an hour and a half for the appendages - arms, legs, ears, tails..

Katie making slender arms and legs


Back in the bag and embellishments.

Lindsay and the thong
Ann gives hair and a natty waistcoat to the dissolute critter

Annie making a dress
At each stage we concentrated on our own work, but also kept an eye on what was happening to the creatures we had worked on.  It was hard not to feel possessive of a creature that we had started, but also very cathartic to  have to let go of the creative process.  I was anxious not to spoil the delicate and exquisite work others had done, but still couldn't move away from my usual slap-dash approach.

the belly dancing rabbit - finding the tassels was the inspiration

rabbit rear - the tail produced unrepeatable hilarity and the thong a need for ribald dexterity

proud parents at the naming ceremony

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